If a disaster occurred and forced you from your home, do you have the knowledge, survival skills, and supplies to survive? What if the damage were widespread, affecting your whole area? Imagine unlivable houses, no power, no stores, gas stations or quickmarts to buy essentials. Everything you have taken for granted all of your life gone in an instant: shelter, food, water, medicines–all gone.

Could you survive? Perhaps more important to you, could you help your family survive?

Our ancestors could have taken a situation like this in stride. Back then, what we now call survival skills were a way of life, used on a daily basis. Hunting, foraging, making fire without the aid of a lighter or even a match, these were things people knew how to do. They had to if they wanted to live and provide for their families.

Today, however, we as a people have grown lazy. We heat our homes by the turn of a thermostat dial, and feed our families by purchasing meat, produce, and dairy products at a supermarket. As a whole, the people of today just don’t have the skills to stay alive if a major catastrophe hit.

Our goal here is, in a very small way, to start to change that. At the very least we hope to help those who read our blog. Our plan is to remind you just what it takes to survive by giving you some good survival tips.

Here you will find survival tips (in the form of blog posts) on:

  • Basic survivor skills: making fire comes to mind here.
  • Water collection, storage, and purification
  • Survival gear and tools
  • Emergency first aid
  • Emergency shelters: ready made and how to make you own in a pinch
  • Food preservation methods and emergency food rations
  • Protection and self-defense


We’ll even take a close look at some popular survival equipment and let you know if they really do what they promise. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to emergency supplies and equipment. We will help you weed out the bad from the good.

If you don’t find the particular survival tip you are looking for on our site yet, why not use our contact form and let us know? We’ll do our very best to answer your question in an upcoming blog post soon.

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Your visit is much appreciated, and we hope that you will join us in our journey of preparedness. Stay safe, and always be ready.