We are the Whitakers, a small family dedicated to surviving just about anything and helping you and your family do the same. We’ve been through a lot already and with the shape of the world today, we just know there’s more to come soon.

The main writers of this sight will be Camo Gal (mother and grandmother, depending on viewpoint), and Camo Guy (son and father, again depending on the viewpoint.) We are hoping to make this site a one stop shop for all your survival questions and needs.

So, myself (Camo Gal) and my son (Camo Guy) will be the ones sharing our wealth of survival tips. My daughter-in-law, catchy log-in name pending, will be the one supplying our site with all of the great nature shots to help bring our information home.

My grandchildren, as they are both under 3, will for the time being be used simply as test dummies in our quest for bringing you the most accurate and timely information possible to enable you to keep your family safe. After all, that is our main goal in life too. Our family is everything.